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Emmecube SA opened in Switzerland in 2011 to design and manufacture products in different materials mainly for building and automotive industry.
Thanks to an enquiry of one of their customers' became one of the the most innovative fire proof glazed partitioning solutions supplier.

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We can follow you in your projects invoilving the best technicians in the fire field, in accessories and structures providing the best solution , all technical details ready for the manufactoring process and a full set of tools for structures and costs analysis.
We can provide you teh full process from design to installation, including fire tests and certifications through IBS certification institute in Austria.

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Our technical office in Madonna del Piano will be at your full disposal for any technical enquiry.
We are able to drive you through a full set of feaseable solution granting you the most suitable solution for your project. Our output can be easily imported in your systems or we can proceed to the manufactoring and further installation phases according to your specifications.

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We have our own premises in Madonna del Piano and we can count on a vast series of subcontractors to proceed with any kind of metalworking , plastic extrusion or injection moulding, metal and non metal punching and our companies specialized in finishes.

We have started recently to present different kink of automation for smoke filters or other fire rated sliding and pivoting barriers suitable for varoius installations.

We are able to install and do any kind of maintennance to your projects preferably in Switzerland and in Italy.

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You can count on our more than 30 years experience in the field, on our sales and marketing people and on our worldwide sales network through our sisters companies:

  • Speedybycasma Srl
    Milan (Italy)
    Barcelona (Spain)
  • AHD Ltd
    Manchester (United Kingdom)
  • DHD International Ltd
    Baltimore (USA)
  • Casma Benelux sa
    CR Osterhout (Nederland)
  • S2C Ltd
    Kowloon (Hong Kong)
  • MASCA sa
    Debogorze Wjbudowanie (Polland)

We were asked to design an EW60 movable partition 3.8m x 2.7m (WxH) and one EW45 3,8 x 3,95m (WxH) for a filter room nearby the lifts. We have found an automatic solution made of 2 lateral automatic swinging doors and 2 central automatic stacking away panels, all driven by an electronic device. We design it, we manufactured 2 samples and we went to make the fire test on them , getting at the end the desidered fire rated certifications.

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